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A community action organization helping those in need. "Providing a hand up, not a hand out."


Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action, Inc. (PLCCA) was established in 1968 by Bishop Dr. Claude Porter as a private, non-for-profit corporation to serve low-income residents in Cook County's Proviso and Leyden Townships, and the municipality of Norridge including some of the metropolitan areas of Chicago.


PLCCA provides a range of programs and services based on its mission of eradicating poverty. Joining in partnership with the community, PLCCA offers more than thirty (30) programs and services that assists families with housing and energy assistance, youth development, substance abuse related issues, adult literacy, job readiness and senior citizens.

PLCCA's mission is to promote community development and empower people with education, training and supportive services.



Proviso and Leyden Townships







Elmwood Park

Franklin Park

Forest Park


LaGrange Park


Melrose Park


North Riverside


Oak Brook

Park Ridge

River Grove


Schiller Park

Stone Park


Western Springs


The Mission of PLCCA is to advocate for social change. We feel this can
be accomplished by “Promoting community development and empowering people through education, training and supportive services”

PLCCA was established in 1968 by Bishop Dr. Claude Porter as a private
State of Illinois, not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation to serve the low-income residents in Cook County’s Proviso and Leyden Townships, the municipality of Norridge and the Chicago metropolitan area.


PLCCA continues to promote enhancement, development and implementation of practical approaches of serving low-income residents and the total community. As a community action agency, we recognize the results that can be achieved when every facet of the community voluntarily joins together in a partnership to address common concerns. PLCCA firmly believes the end result of our efforts will mean a family and community largely self-determined and therefore self-sufficient. PLCCA has been at the forefront in providing services that other agencies have traditionally avoided.

Since the birth of PLCCA, in 1968, the agency has grown from the operation of one initial grant providing employment and training in the amount of $38,000 to approximately thirty community need-based programs with an operating budget of approximately $6 million and
maintains a total property value of approximately $9.1 million.


PLCCA is an agency that believes in continuing to evolve as the community needs continue to change.

The collective population of nearly all communities comprising Proviso and Leyden Townships is approximately 244,594. This number is based on the 2010 population estimates from the United States Census Bureau. Maywood and Bellwood have a combined population of nearly 40,000 residents.


PLCCA, Inc. also provides services to the near West Side (Austin and North Lawndale communities) of Chicago, plus Lynwood and Chicago Heights of South Suburban Cook County. Demographically these communities have high concentrations of minorities. PLCCA serves a total of approximately 30,000 low to moderate-income clients each year. Our most recent overall client survey shows that PLCCA serves 47% African Americans, 43% Hispanic, and 10% Caucasians.

With more than 370,000 individuals in the Proviso and Leyden Townships, this is a collective population of 26 municipalities. On average, at least 15% of households in these communities have incomes below $42,500. In Maywood, 19.1% of residents live with annual incomes slightly above $19,000. Approximately 30-40% of all households’ annual income falls between $16,000 and $50,000.

To review our 2021 -2020 audited financials click the .pdf file


Dear readers,


On behalf of myself, PLCCA’s Board of Directors and the entire team at PLCCA, Inc., we would like to say “thank you” for a fantastic 51 years of allowing PLCCA to provide programs and services to the communities we serve. For 2020 PLCCA is giving you, our readers, a gift: a new, completely redone website. It is our hope that this new website in comparison to previous versions will boast a much more refined user experience.


This year is an important year for all Americans as its time TO BE COUNTED for the United States 2020 Census. The outcome of the 2010 Census concluded that our area was determined to be one of the hardest to count. Therefore, our service communities did not receive the financial support that they could have. How you can make a difference? The most important thing you can do is respond to the census questionnaire when you receive it. PLCCA is your liaison to the 2020 Census to make sure that your questions are answered, and provide various ways in which you can be counted.


Once again, thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions and or suggestions, please send us a Tweet @PLCCAORG. In addition, we ask that you Like us on Facebook @PLCCAORG and if you can support our mission please do so by making a donation or volunteering your time.


Yours in community service,

Bishop Dr. Claude Porter

PARTNERS for Progress.

PLCCA’s service delivery model is evidence based achieved and has been proven to provide a positive social impact for children, youth, adults, seniors and the families we serve. PLCCA’s methodologies include respecting individual diversity as we work in partnership with our community members.

As an acclaimed social service agency working relentlessly to eliminate
poverty and the barriers low-income citizens’ face, PLCCA is comprised of affiliates, Partners for Progress, social service partners, faith based institutions, corporate entities and volunteers whom operate innovative services with programmatic and financial internal controls under a Board of Director’s oversight.

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