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Opportunity WORKS Student Interns Complete 7- Week Program

OPPORTUNITY WORKS offers Sector Driven internships for young adults in Suburban Cook County.

The program places young adults in subsidized internships, exposes them to viable careers, expands their skill sets and connects them to the training and resources they need to achieve long-term employment in growing industries.

Congratulations to

Kaylen West,

Jayden Harrell,

Lexus Tharpe,

Dwayne Bush,

Lisa Fulton,

Ansima Mamboleo, and Jasmine Levy

On the day of their 7-week completion of the program, PLCCA brought in several professionals to speak to and have one on one conversations with Kaylen, Jayden, Lexus, Dwayne, Lisa, Ansima, and Jasmine.

Our thanks to our panelists:

David Knight: Knight Illustrations 

Wanda Teruel: West Suburban Cook County American Job Center

Bonnie DeShong: 95.1 Club Steppin Chicago

Daniela Vitale: Triton College

Robert Wheatley: Raub Greedy

Thanks to the PLCCA Staff who work diligently to provide meaningful experiences to those engaged in our programs.

Claudette Harrell,

Program Director / VP of Operations

Shavonna Cross, Career Mentor

Marcus Knight, Director of Youth and Family Services

Karen Gunn, Business Engagement and

Job Development Manager

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