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LIHEAP : Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Learn About How You Can Get Help With Utilities The Second Priority Period of LIHEAP

November 1 - November 29, 2019.

If you are a household with children age 5 and under OR a household with one or more disconnected utilities or with a disconnection notice, come to

PLCCA at 411 W. Madison St, Maywood, Illinois 60153


For more information call 708 450-3500 Ext 225

  • Priority Period One - October 1st

Households with a senior member age 60+ OR Households with a person receiving Social Security Disability Benefits.

  • Priority Period Two - November 1st

Households with children 5 and under OR Households with one or more disconnected utilities or with a disconnection notice.

All Households Eligible to Apply - December 2nd


Proof of current 30-day gross income from all household members.Copy of most recent heat and electric bills if you pay for your home energy directly. (Must provide entire bill)Proof of Social Security Numbers of all household members (Hard-copy of Social Security cards, print-out from the Social Security Administration or any other form of government-issued identification that shows both name and Social Security number.)Applicants that have their utilities included in the rent must bring proof of rental agreement stating monthly rental amount, that utilities are included, and landlord contact information.

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